Romeo 780x503
The best of LED with a beautiful slim shape and great technique.
Offers the possibility of HF sensor function, emergency function master-master with a RF sensor. The lighting fixture has an optimal beam angle of 120°.
The high color rendering index (CRI>95) and the even light distribution create a pleasant ambience. Suitable for outdoor application IP44 for wall and ceiling mounting with high resistance. The maximum lumen output can be adjusted on dip switches on the The default setting is 300mA (15W) and it can be adjusted down to 150mA and up to 600mA. Please find the explanation in the attached data sheet below.
New: The approvals CE for Europe and the cTÜVus for North America for Romeo basic.Approvals
 Now you can get Romeo in White, too.  Romeo White einzeln

Dimensions and Versions:Dimensions Versions Romeoe-label-romeo
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Download Datasheet / Instruction Manual 

For light planners: 
Download ies.file Romeo 3000K  
Download ies.file Romeo 4000K
More information about Romeo shows this video:

 Reference photos:



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