Unique slim and elegant design with outstanding finish.

Nice soft and even light destribution. Shift has an elegant shape, a simple and minimized sizewithout any exposed screws. Its aluminum housing with perfect matt anodized surface turns 
it into an eye catcher. The optical PMMA diffuser with superfine appealing micro-prismatic     structure provides striking, glare-free illumination.
Its brilliant and powerful combination possibilities sets Shift apart from other linear lighting  
devices: It can be mounted up and down, side by side, in combination of even more fixtures such as fixtures placed in a square or hexagon, fixtures in several steps to fit elevation in 
a room, etc. 
Hence it has got an extraordinary application flexibility.
Shift is the winner of iF Product Design Award 2013 and the Red Dot Award 2013.

Here you can find a selection of the versions:
Versions Shift - Selection

If you are interested in other versions, please look at this
Datasheet and Instruction Manual
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For light planners: 
Shift 15W 3000K - ies. fileShift 15W 4000K - ies. file
Shift 20W 3000K - ies. fileShift 20W 4000K - ies. file
Shift 25W 3000K - ies. fileShift 25W 4000K - ies. file
Shift 30W 3000K - ies. fileShift 30W 4000K - ies. file
 Reference photos: